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History of The Buckeye Home

      The home located at 203 West Buckeye was originally constructed for the family of Judge Silas Richards and his wife Jennie just prior to the turn of the past century. Over the years, the home has been used as a boarding home and a private residence.

     For many years, several historical tidbits merged into a single story about President McKinley speaking from the home. While that never actually occurrory did occur.

     During the Presidelly that included bands, speakers, and a demonstration of rousing support for the candidate, William McKinley who at the time was the Governor of Ohio.

     By the end of the day, over 2,500 had gathered to hear a speech by Joseph Foraker who had been the 37th Governor of Ohio and who in this same upcoming election would be elected US Senator representing Ohio. Due to the large crowd, the decision was made to have the candidate, former Governor Foraker speak from the balcony of the Richards home.

      The following year after winning the Presidency, McKinley did stop briefly in Clyde on his way to the wedding of Fanny Hayesnley along with  did greet several hundred from the caboose but never left the train.

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