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Restoring The Buckeye

         In the Spring of 2017, Doug and Bobbie Boyer embarked on a path to save a piece of Clyde history. The home at 203 West Buckeye Street needed a lot of ug, the two things that attracted him to the home was a land marker in the front yard describing a presidential visit and the dining room ceiling. The ceiling is the only thing that remains unchanged from the original home.

        The restoration included building six bathrooms and a new kitchen complete with a butler’s pantry dressed in tile work  nearly a mile of wiring. Rebuilding the back half of the house from the inside out uncovered fire damage that likely occurred in the 1920’s. The home now has two new air conditioners and furnaces with all new duct work to ensure our future guests stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

        Every inch of flooring, plumbing, plaster, and drywall was restored or replaced to create a beautiful foundation for the airs were completed; new grass sod, landscaping, front steps, wheelchair ramp, and roofing were rebuilt.

         This renovation was completed with dedication and hard work of over 100 men and women. Our woodworkers, painters, d on the home for over two years. These workers displayed a level of mastery rarely seen in today's trades. 

         We hope you are blessed by our work revealing the splendor of this magnificent home built in the 1890s.


Workers on the Buckeye

Let us know if you are looking for any of our master craftsman.

Send an email to if you would like the contact information for our workers.

Master Carpenter - Ferman Yoder / Yoder Traditions

Paint & Stain - Brian Onko (Exterior), Bryan & Kristin Johnson (stain & Interior), Tim Treen (interior), Kris Wott (wall paper), Bill Gassett (Painter/Poet/Pastor)

HVAC - Gundlach Sheet Metal and HVAC

Drywall - Charles Milford

Others we loved having their help:

Clyde High School - No one better at carrying 500 lb appliances than our State Champion Football Team

Transformation Network

Glenna Stout Accounting

Travis Mayer Architect

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